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There are many different areas within the cleaning industry for new start ups, you may want to start a general cleaning business which covers cleaning people’s homes and small office buildings, this requires building up a regular client base and working really hard to gain trust and a good reputation. Other options include more generalised cleaning services such as carpets, furniture, cars and then there are the window and school cleaners. Whatever area you want to branch out into, the cleaning business is a successful business area. Although cleaning services and the concept have been around for quite some time, people are making the industry their own again and providing brilliant, reliable services within the community and building a real reputation and therefore a real success.

The other area within the cleaning industry is supply which covers supplying the cleaning materials for new and established start ups. Many have found a niche in the market by supplying pet friendly products or natural products which a lot of people are opting for especially in their homes. 

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