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When you imagine the florist business, you may have images of funky, trendy high street flower shops or stalls in the market offering beautifully arranged flowers. This isn’t always the case and there are other ways to run a florist shop or even service without having fixed high street premises. Many florist providers set up their business as a home business to start with which will reduce the overhead costs, they may even run the business part time until they build it up enough to go full time. The Florist Market has always been a successful one and it has to be said that its also a popular one and whilst the market isn’t completely saturated, it is over populated but this shouldn’t put you off. In some form or another, every industry and business sector could be described as over populated and if we took heed of this, no one would ever set up a business for fear of competition.


If you have always wanted to own a florist shop or offer a florist service, always remember that there are no fixed rules, you don’t have to start off with fixed premises. The one first goal to establish is what area and sector you want to enter. If you generalise your area too much, you may find you are trying to succeed in too many places, establish the area you want to work in, it may be that you want to enter the Weddings industry, parties or events, online flower supply or even artificial flower arranging. If you can find a niche in the market and offer your own unique ideas, you have more of a chance of surviving. There are some great businesses out there offering unique and different products, these are the businesses that succeed and always remember if you love what you do and have a determination to succeed, you are half way to winning the battle. 

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