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There are many great sites where you can sell your own items and wares, many of the great sites such as Etsy and NotOnTheHigh street allow you to set up your own shop, set the prices you want to sell and give you advice on marketing etc. Amazon also are launching their own selling platform which is going to be easy and simple to join. It is always advisable to have a blog and an additional selling platform, the great thing about a blog is the access it gives your customers to new products. Make sure you update your blog daily with New products and offers and you can’t go wrong.


The internet has massively changed the way we all do business and given those that want to set up their own business from home the ideas to go forward and make a real success. If you have a great talent, love making fabulous cakes and home ware or just have some great ideas, get them out there and onto the market, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

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