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What Are The Most Popular Blog Topics To Start In 2019.

Blogging in 2019 is definitely going on and if you choose wisely from the most popular Blog Topics, you could put your blog up there with some of the most popular, below are some popular blog topics for 2019 and beyond. 
Health and Fitness Blogs remain quite high on the list of popular blogs but it’s quite a large topic and finding a niche within the topic is essential to success.  If you have qualifications in fitness and have run your own fitness classes, given nutritional advice and guidance to others or have gone on your own diet journey and had success, why not share your knowledge and experience. If you had great success with a diet and documented this or want to document it, why not share with others, there are many people out there looking for inspiration and encouragement from someone who has been on the same journey. 
Fashion blogging has become incredibly popular but maybe not for the reasons you may imagine. There are many fashion Blogs that will follow the latest Fashions, find places to get the best prices or predict future fashions but there are emerging Fashion blogs that follow the trends whilst offering alternative cheaper items either homemade fashion items or Clothes using recycled materials.  
With our knowledge of food intolerances now at a high level, there are more people looking for alternatives for cooking and obtaining the foods they need. If you have a food intolerance such as a gluten free diet and are prepared to share your food ideas, this could be a good avenue for you.
Parenting blogs are massive but again finding a niche in this topic is vital to gaining success. If you have children then you have advice to offer whether that be bullying advice, feeding issues or behavioural problems, if you are prepared to be honest and share your thoughts and opinions to help others then you could build a real community presence.
Lastly, Blogs that focus on Pets are some of the most searched on the internet, again establishing a niche is the most important thing for you to do. If you are a Dog lover, have your own Dogs or love a particular breed, the chances are so do thousands of others. The idea to set up a blog that focuses on your breed of dog and everything you love about them could be a lucrative blog avenue.

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