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Category: Soap Making.

The Soap and Cosmetics industry is huge and bespoke Soaps are in demand as individual choices are more possible than ever. We all have more choice when it comes to what we buy because we can choose from such an array of products, we don’t have to settle anymore for what is in the shops, we can search the internet and find almost anything we want or need. There are a couple of options within the soap industry, the bespoke Soap business is making and providing Soaps for a specific sector, this may be for dry skins, eczema or dermatitis. Providing soaps that help or ease these conditions are always in demand as more people manage their own conditions.


Another sector is the general Soap market which are Soaps for every day use, these can be anything from your own recipe to specific favourite or best selling soaps. Setting up a soap business is relatively easy and can be run primary as a home business, many work from home whilst promoting their products through Farmers markets, festivals, internet and website selling.  

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