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Photography is not just something you can make a successful business from, its an art. They say a picture can paint a thousand words and this is almost certainly true, you can create an ambience, an entire world just from one photograph. If you have a love for photography there is absolutely no reason why you can’t turn this into your own home business. The first step is to establish the area of photography you are going to focus on, you may already have a firm idea of this already but if not, jot down some ideas and narrow them down to what you are really passionate about. The market of photography is a very competitive one and if you can stand out form the crowd and be unique, you will have more chance of succeeding.


Photography equipment doesn’t come cheap but always aim to get the very best you can, if this is something you have to do gradually,  this will be better in the long run than spending all of your budget on equipment that you are going to have to replace. The market for good quality unique photographs online has soared in popularity, sites such as Shutterstock will accept photographs for resell, other great sites you can submit your photographs to include SmugMug, and Shopify.  Make sure your profile is out there on Social media sites and advertise your products on the best sites and always keep an active detailed blog. If you have a gift and can create a niche market for yourself, you could make a real success. 

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