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Knitting has become the UK’s fastest growing hobby and it has done a full circle when it comes to popularity. Knitting has become incredibly popular not just with adults but  with the younger generation as they realize they can make something relatively easy. Sales of yarns and haberdasheries has grown ten fold as more and more people take up the faithful art of knitting once more. Knitting for many is simply a hobby, expectant mothers knit whilst they eagerly await the arrival of their baby, Grandmothers knit for simple pleasure and then there are the people that are really very good at it and turn knitting into a really successful home based business.

There is no limitation of the market for knitted goods, many make their money from knitted pets garments, baby clothes and booties, beautiful blankets, fashion garments and the most popular at the moment, knitted teddy bears. Whether you love knitting because it relaxes you or you attend a knitting group to meet people, there is no doubt that knitting is on the rise. As the markets rise and fall knitting fashions do change but there is always a place for them and the market never tires of the old faithful knitted attire. There are some absolutely gorgeous wools out there at the moment and the bolder the better, if you love knitting take a look at some of the great patterns floating around at the moment, there are many sites where you can swap knitting patterns and get some great ideas. 

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