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Its 5am when you get up and you are ready for a work at home productive day, you did the bulk of the washing last night, there is no ironing, the cats been fed and the hoovering done, no excuses then but how many of us that do work from home get dragged into domestic chores or make a divert from dropping the kids off straight into town to post a parcel and whilst you are there, take a quick peek in NEXT. The problem is that none of us have time whether we work from home or are employed by someone else, when we suddenly get a day that is completely mapped out for us where every second counts, of course we are going to divert away from what we intended to do.


One of the biggest aspects of working from home is that you will put in many more hours than if you had a 9am to 5pm job, we never leave it behind and we work all hours but you still need structure and you definitely need those days in the week where you can go shopping and have a bit of fun otherwise you will be left not achieving very much at all. How do we do this though when every spare minute is accounted for, if you are not sorting the kids, looking after the house, you are working. One thing that may be helpful is to remember that just because you are working from home, it doesn’t mean that you are expected to do all of the house work either, you wouldn’t pop home in your lunch hour and run the hoover over.


Always make sure you have clear separations on work days and home days even if you do work from home, its fine to pick the laptop up at 8pm at night but don’t do that because you were supposed to be working today and cleaned the windows instead, structure is the key and if that doesn’t work, build a log cabin up the garden where you can’t see the chores building up. 




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