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  • by, Claire - on, Jan 13, 2018

    What Makes A Successful Lifestyle Blog.

    The one main attraction of a blog is escapism, it’s a chance to take a look into someone else’s life and escape the reality of our own just for a little while and some of the most influential blogs have a...

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  • by, Claire - on, Nov 30, -0001

    How To Write A Fitness Blog That Attracts The Right Followers.

    There are many industries set to make waves this year and beyond and the fitness industry is one of those. We still have the same level of interest in Fitness that we have always had but its changing, the way we view it and our habit...

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  • by, Claire - on, Dec 16, 2017

    Do You Want To Create The Next Blog Sensation.

    There is a dream of working from home, your circumstances mean it would be ideal to work around your family and you may think you have the perfect idea. There is nothing more ideal or perfect a...

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  • by, Claire - on, Nov 07, 2017

    How to Write A Blog And Get It Right.

    There are many great ideas out there and that’s why we have a large influx of blogs, podcasts and people competing for online attention. We sometimes buy into the notion that if we expose ourselves enough, start a blog and writ...

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  • by, Claire - on, Oct 19, 2017

    Do You Want To Work From Home And Write A Blog.

    Writing a blog may be something you already do and you are looking for advice or it may be something you want to do but don’t know where to start. There are general requi...

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  • by, Claire - on, Sep 15, 2017

    How To Write The Best Mom Blog.

    If you want to start a blog, are worried there are far too many Blogs and it won’t be seen, don’t despair. There are literally millions of Blogs covering almost every theme you can think of but that ...

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  • by, Claire - on, Sep 13, 2017

    How To Get Your Blog Seen.

    Blogs are still successful but the way in which you write it, what you write about and the words you use are more important now than ever before. Blogs are a competitive market but this should not deter you if you have your hear...

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  • by, Claire - on, Sep 09, 2017

    Choosing A Blog Theme.

    If you have decided you are going to start a blog but are still deciding what to write about, take you time because this is the one most important part of your blog. The theme is what people will search for and how they will fin...

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  • by, Claire - on, Aug 05, 2017

    What Type Of Blogs Are Searched For.

    The most successful blogs are the Niche blogs that concentrate on a small chosen area rather than trying to write about everything to do with your subject. Fashion Blogs come really high on the list of top ...

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  • by, Claire - on, Jul 31, 2017

    Write The Best Mom Blog.

    Writing a blog isn’t coming up with the best idea you can think of or coming up with a unique idea that you don’t think anyone will have thought of. Its about writing from the heart through personal experiences and i...

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