by, Claire on, Dec 10, 2017 Working With Family.

Working With Family Members Within A Home Business.

Working from home can be tough, sometimes everything becomes submerged and family life seems to be part of working life. This is magnified if you work with family members and work from home. It can be almost impossible sometimes to separate work and home and it may be easier sometimes to just accept at times there may be no real separation. If you throw disagreements into the mix, life can feel like it is an absolute nightmare and at times hopeless.
Working with friends can be hard but working with Family members whether that be a husband and wife team or other family members can seem impossible at times. There are many home businesses or larger corporations that avoid this situation for various reasons and that can be a shame because there are ways to make this work but you have to be prepared for hard times, compromise and learning a lot about your self in the process. The unfortunate thing about working with very close family members is that in order to get to a good working relationship, you have to go through the bad times because you have to have a starting point that you learn from. Many give up during these times and don’t make it to the other end, abandoning working together because its just too hard.
One of the first lessons to accept and predict is the learning process, the first year or even beyond will be rocky as you all or both adjust to working together. If you work from home also as a Husband and Wife team, you also have to adjust to the rules surrounding home and work/life balance because in the end there has to be a separation of sorts.
The first year will be tough, you will both have your own opinions, maybe both expecting to make decisions and then disagreements will happen. This is the most telling part of working with a family member. If you lose respect for each other, are prepared to humiliate or publicly argue in front of other people, you are on dangerous ground. Although hard, having the sense to step back and let some time pass is paramount here and always remembering that one of you in equal measure will have to be prepared to back down. This works both ways of course and it can’t be the same person giving all of the time, it has to be a shared exercise.
Having respect for each other and being prepared to step back and discuss an issue out of ear shot of other people will be the saving grace of any family partnership because you can ruin more than your working relationship if things get too far.
Many husband and wives run very successful home businesses and this is largely due to the dynamics of the relationship and everyone is different.  As well as having respect, another very big reason for huge problems are resentments and the things that are not said. In any particular situation, it can be too hard to fight and so we say nothing but we feel burning resentment towards that other person. Those resentments breed separation and contempt. Always say those out loud.
Lastly be prepared to sit down however annoyed you may feel and promise each other you will talk honestly and openly to work through any issues.  There is always a compromise somewhere but if you are not prepared to find it, it won’t be found. Many Family members work together, many husband and wife teams exist. Similarly there are many couples that just wouldn’t go into a working situation together for fear that it may not work. There is no right or wrong answer, its up to the individuals on whether this is right for them or not but it can be successful and often is, you just have to be prepared for the tough times to appreciate the good ones. 

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