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Why Its Important To Create A Brand Especially If You Work From Home.

When we think of a Brand, we have all sorts of nostalgic ideas and can imagine what we want our brand to represent but its not easy to create a successful one, protect it and keep it safe. A brand is really important for lots of reasons, its how your customers identify with you, relate to you and speaks volumes about what your product or services are all about.
If you have a new business, its really important to think about your brand from the beginning, if you are a work from home, it may feel even more important to have a good brand as often we feel we are at a disadvantage because we are a small business and cannot compete but that’s not true.
The first thing to focus on is keeping your brand simple, the key areas to target are ensuring that your customers are not confused by your brand, they know what its about and what it represents. The first question to ask yourself is, what is your mission and what problems are you solving for your customers. What is your target audience, who are your customers and what do you want people to think about and relate to when they think about your Brand.
If you want to protect your brand further, think about obtaining a registered trademark, we can do this for pictures, Logo’s or even symbols that may be associated with your company and brand. This can give us piece of mind that no one else can use them and so keep them protected forever.
Always stay consistent to your brand, whilst we must watch the competition and know exactly who our customers are, we mustn’t get too involved in other companies trademarks and brands. We need to carve out an individual brand for our company and be proud of that brand, we do this by deciding very early on the important points of a brand and why.
Many work from home businesses don’t have a brand as such, they recognize themselves what they stand for and what message they want to convey to their customers but they don’t actually create a brand and this is a mistake. Its really important to understand that your customers will identify with you through your brand and logo, its how they will find you and ultimately how they will relate to you.
However small your business, whether you have a home business with a small office in the kids pay room, your business is important to you and all the customers you serve, do it justice and give it a protected brand you can be proud of

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