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The Rise In Athleisure Wear

The rise in the Athleisure wear market has exploded over the last year alone with many big high street chains scrambling to offer their own range of Athleisure wear and keep up with the ever increasing demand.


Athleisure wear is a word used to describe gym and casual wear combined, clothing that can be worn and not be out of place in both the gym and the local pub. This trend has largely been driven by the increasing drive in fitness and well being which has opened up a market for new businesses and smaller work from home businesses to create their own brands of Athleisure wear. The market is still relatively young with masses of scope for anyone who has a creative flair for design to start their own small business and sell their products online.


As with all trends that hit the high street, there is always a starting point and the well being and fitness business has been an established one for many years but with all trends,from time to time they see a revolution and a new sub division emerges that present opportunities that anyone can take advantage of.


JD Sports, Levi and Topshop are just some of the names who have emerged into the Athleisure market and whilst smaller businesses can’t compete initially with these giants, the market is still very much open for newer and fresher designs. The trend has also driven the emergence of newer and more upmarket Gyms that offer more flexibility for their members and where once going to the gym was a fitness only task, it has now emerged as a social encounter. The Athleisure brands are not just confined to Gym goers and recent studies show that over half of the British public are purchasing Athleisure wear without the intention of going to the gym at all.


What we wear is often a statement of not just our taste in clothes but also our lifestyle choices and the shift in our healthier lifestyles continues to encourage what we wear, where we go and what we do.  This is all combines with other industries such as healthier foods, natural foods and well being foods. The market in Vegan and gluten free foods has long since been a popular one but is now considered more of a necessity now by many as more of us recognize the importance of listening to our bodies and what is best for us. As a nation we are starting to realize that we can choose what’s best for us on an individual basis and this has helped fuel the success in smaller businesses who give customers what they want. The habits of online shoppers have changed and continue to change based on the idea that we have the ability to make our own choices and no longer always gravitate towards the bigger retail giants but instead look for more local speciality businesses.


There are masses of opportunity for work from home businesses, smaller businesses and those businesses starting out have more chance now of building a successful brand than they would have done 5 years ago. 

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