by, Claire on, Oct 05, 2017 Working From Home.

Research Says We Actually Get More Done When We Work From Home.

Recent research has shown that we want the chance to work at home more in the UK and not only do we think this will help with work/life balance but research has also shown that we are actually more productive when we work at home. The reasons for this are less distraction, chatting, getting diverted to other projects and time to think clearly, not to mention commuting time.
Other Countries have adopted the work from home culture quite well, countries such as Scandinavia and America already run flexible working and work from home schemes for their employees where part of the working week is done outside of the office. This is proving very useful and on those days, employees are actually getting a lot of work done as apposed to not being productive but why is this.
The idea that working from home is distractive and non productive is a general opinion adopted by many, it can even be adopted by people that actually work from home. We have a habitual way of thinking which means we stubbornly believe that unless we have actually entered the work environment, we can’t possibly be at work. This mind set seems hard to shift, quite how other countries have adopted the alternative way of thinking is currently a mystery. It may be that we haven’t had enough practice of flexible working hours and although we are fast catching up, we still have a long way to go in the UK.
The one thing that is certain is that it makes absolutely no difference to where we sit or what building we are in, as long as we have access to the internet if needed and a Computer or even anything you would normally have in the work place, it appears we actually get more work done which is perhaps why other countries actively encourage this type of working. 

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